Fans have been patiently awaiting the release of Jay Electronica’s debut album since he first signed to Roc Nation over 7 years ago. Hell, even his own boss, Jay Z, wants him to feed the people when he told Electronica to “put it out” last week in New Orleans. However, Jay Electronica does things his own way, and says he’ll put the album out when he’s completely satisfied with the work.

“When it’s ready, when it’s ready. It don’t matter if Donald Trump say, "Put the album out,” Electronica told Billboard in a new interview. “[...] But I guess the question you asked me is what will it take. When it’s finished. When it’s something that I’m pleased with because regardless of the six billion people on planet Earth, even if I put something out and the whole six billion say it’s absolutely beautiful and I don’t feel okay with it, I’m the one that carries that. I have to be at a place where I’m pleased with the offering. So, it will come—it’s coming soon.”

During which time, Jay also acknowledged that he’s not a fan of the traditional album idea anyways. He says albums were put together as a way for corporations to make money.

“Then again, an album is a false concept anyway. An album is something that was created by corporations as a product to make money,” he said. “People have been making music, doing plays, and telling stories around fires for trillions of years. I like albums but I’m not too really handcuffed to the concept of that.”

Read the full interview between Jay Elect and Billboard right here, where he also touches on his relationship with Jay Z and "lil bro" Chance The Rapper winning 3 Grammy’s this year.