Social distancing hits different when you've got a manor like Jay-Z and Beyonce, who could likely fill several calendars from glamor house shots alone. Case in point, Complex reports that the album cover of Jay Electronica and Jay-Z's collaboration album A Written Testimony is actually a photograph of the Carter-Knowles' infinity pool, a view so breathtaking that many wondered whether it was a Bob Ross-esque painting. In fact, some still remain adamant that it is a painting, albeit one mirrored after a real-life photo. 

Jay Electronica A Written Testimony

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

It was also claimed during the album's Livestream that Beyonce actually took the photograph herself, though it's unconfirmed whether it was taken with Jay Eletronica's album specifically in mind. Perhaps the Jigga Man was simply rifling through Beyonce's iPhone archives, hitting that tiny heart icon whenever he stumbled upon a favorite, and found himself drawn to the inherent serenity of the pool shot. Or perhaps Beyonce was actively involved in the creative process, which is entirely possible given the scope of her artistic vision. 

All things considered, Bey's eye came through in a major way; not only is the cover for A Written Testimony visually appealing, but it also checks off a few thematic boxes. That of chasing and finding paradise, for one -- not to mention the opulent lifestyle associated with success in the rap game. Knowing Jay Electronica, however, it would certainly seem fair to suggest the former is more in character.