While the sheer number of high profile releases next month threatens to overwhelm us, there are still other albums that you should be paying attention to. Jay Rock's new album, Redemption, is one of them, and lucky fans in New York will have the chance to hear the album early. 

On TDE's Twitter this morning, they announced a Championship Tour after party would be held in a secret location tonight. What's special about this after party, however, is that it will also act as a listening session for Jay Rock's new album. The party will be held in an unnamed basketball gym tonight, with doors opening at 10PM. The location isn't even all that secret, since all you need to do is RSVP to the free event to get the location. 

While Jay Rock doesn't always get the same shine that his other TDE contemporaries do, he's still managed to prove himself as an adept rap artist time and time again. We've already heard the first single off Redemption, "Win" featuring Kendrick Lamar, which showcases Jay Rock's lyrical skills, and is a great first impression for what is set to be an interesting project. 

For the fans who don't live in New York and will be unable to attend tonight, we won't have long to wait. Last week, Jay Rock dropped the album cover for Redemption, as well as an official release date: June 15th. 

Check out the flyer for the event that TDE posted, and RSVP your spot at the after party [HERE].