Stephen A. Smith is known for his steady stream of hot takes and sometimes, these hot takes can be too much for people to handle. In all fairness, the take we are about to bring you isn't really that hot. In fact, it's the take that makes the most sense. However, that didn't stop ESPN analyst Jay Williams from being highly offended by it.

It all started when the subject was changed to the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks are currently 50-8 and Jay Williams tried to make the argument that if the Bucks hit 70 wins, they should be considered as one of the greatest teams of all-time. Smith immediately shut down that theory and stated how the Bucks need to win a championship before even being mentioned in the same breathe as some of the best teams ever. This led to a meltdown from Williams who told Smith he was being too disrespectful to Milwaukee and that he should be banned from the city.

Stephen A. continued to antagonize Williams and even suggested that being banned from Milwaukee wasn't exactly a bad thing. Smith immediately recognized that he had struck a chord with Williams and decided to enter full troll model. Realistically, Smith's main point was pretty accurate as the Bucks have yet to demonstrate deep playoff success. They made it to the East finals last season but they need to do more in order to be taken seriously.