Los Angeles is filled with bougie people doing extravagant things to appear more well-off than they actually are. Jay-Z and Beyoncé, however, are not pretending in the least bit. The two are usually very secretive about their private lives and if it weren't for paparazzi and social media, we probably would have no clue what they were up to. They've been spending time on a yacht in Italy while on a break from their joint On The Run II Tour and for those tired of seeing them living the lavish life, you're in luck as their first show back is tonight in Cleveland. However, we just have to relish in this for a moment. The yacht that the family has been pictured on costs a whopping $180 million.

Owned by billionaire Shahid Khan, the boat reportedly costs $1.4 million to charter for a week. Jay and Bey were pictured again enjoying their vacation on the sea, taking a dip in the hot tub with their daughter Rumi. Blue Ivy and Sir were also onboard the luxurious yacht but they were not pictured in the photos captured by the Daily Mail

It's no surprise to see the two splashing cash on their vacation as, after all, they are worth a reported $1.25 billion. With no one around to give them a standing ovation for simply breathing like at their recent dinner, they still seemed to enjoy some quiet time by the sea.