Rumors about a divorce continue to fly around Beyonce and Jay Z, and with that comes reports from NYPost's Page Six that Bey was shopping for a $21.5 million apartment in Chelsea without Jay. Although we cannot say if it is true for certain, if it is, that amount is nothing compared to how much the couple are raking in with their summer "On The Run" tour.

Once again we have the NYPost to thank for digging up these numbers, but according to the gossip page, Hov and Bey are set to make $84 million by the end of the tour in September. To break it down a bit further, the couple are making $4 million each per show, while some stops are expected to make $5 million in sales. This isn't too surprising, as we already learned that the tour will likely become the second most successful tour of all time.

Beyonce targeted all these rumors in a new Instagram post of Jay Z holding Blue Ivy, which she captioned "my favorite hue is Jay Z Blue."

We'll keep you updated on the Jay Z/Beyonce drama/gossip.