Some gifts are just worth way more than others. Not in monetary value but in how much they actually mean. Sure, getting an expensive present is always nice but there's nothing quite like a gift where you can clearly see tons of thought has gone into it. Jay-Z and Beyonce decided to give back to Hov's grandmother this holiday season by gifting her something that money (probably) can't buy: her own engraved park bench in Brooklyn.

Jay-Z's grandmother can now take a stroll through Prospect Park in Brooklyn and sit down on her own landmark. Hattie White was presented with the bench as Jay, Bey and the kids came by to celebrate with the 93-year-old root of their family. According to Complex, the engraving on the bench reads: "Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. With love and admiration to our root, Hattie White."

Photos of the family gathering have been circulating on social media with fans of The Carters commenting on the newest photos of the twins, Rumi and Sir. Of course, a touching moment between Hov and his grandma has been a favorite as the rapper is seen leaning in to embrace his grandmother. 

Hattie White has been a major influence on both Jay and Beyonce, speaking on Lemonade about her life.