Jay-Z has been steadily dropping videos off his 4:44 album, most recently coming through with a trifecta of "Legacy," "Marcy Me," and "Smile." In fact, the project is well on the way to becoming a full fledged visual album, not unlike the one delivered by his wife Beyonce with Lemonade. In that regard, perhaps one can view 4:44 and Lemonade as companion pieces; after all, they both cover some similar thematic content, with regards to the Jigga Man's infidelity. Now, any transgression has been forgiven, and the Carter-Knowles family are once again collaborating as an artistic force to be reckoned with.

Today, Jay has dropped off a teaser to his upcoming "Family Feud" video, which may very well be his biggest one yet. The clip seems to largely take place inside a church, finding Hov posted up in a confessional booth. Meanwhile, the religious imagery is juxtaposed against a love-making session gone wrong - there's no doubt that the visuals will touch upon the song's thematic content, and Jay is no stranger to taking the metaphorical road. After all, the majority of his 4:44 videos have been surreal, abstract, and highly conceptual; many of them have even featured extended periods of dialogue, including the highlight "Legacy," starring Ron Perlman.

The full version of "Family Feud" is set to premiere tomorrow afternoon (December 29th), exclusively on Tidal. If you don't have the streaming service, you might have to be a little patient. Jay's videos end up on Youtube eventually, but his Tidal fans usually get an exclusive first look. Check out the teaser below.