Jay-Z recently announced his plans to become a certified MLB agent, and he's now looking for similar certification in the NFL. Jay's plans are ambitious, as he's reportedly already made efforts to recruit Giants receiver Victor Cruz to sign with CAA, the company in which Roc Nation sports will conduct much of their business with. However, there is a lot of doubt in the sports world that the Jigga Man will be able to realistically gain the agent status he's looking for.

In order for Hov to take on clients, he'll have to first pass the NFLPA's admission test. Seeing that the test is an annual practice, and aplications were due in February, Jay may have to wait until July 2014 to write the test at the earliest.

The rap mogul has also not completed a postgraduate degree, which is normally a requirement to gain certification. However, the education requirement can be substituted with "negotiating experience", which the rapper could make an argument for with his many business ventures, but it's likely it will be viewed as preferential treatment from other agents.

Jay may be able to find a loophole if he is not able to gain agent status. If he recruits players for other representation, and allows his business partners at CAA pursue the same players separately, then said player can hire both CAA and Roc Nation, as long as Jay seemingly has no role in the recruitment from CAA. 

It would still be in the best interest of CAA to have Jigga officially on their team, so we'll have to wait and see if Hov can get his certification together.