Jay-Z has already established that diamonds are forever on wax, and now the businessman is attempting to make art imitate life. According to a report from TMZ, Jay-Z has recently filed some legal documents in an attempt to gain exclusive rights to the Roc diamond, a symbol which Jay has been representing for years now. If you've ever happened to catch Jay-Z on tour, you're probably well familiar with the sign - perhaps you've even thrown it up yourself. Suffice it to say, the Roc diamond has become synonymous with the Jigga Man, so it's no wonder he's trying to make some money moves.

According to TMZ's report, Jay has applied to use the hand gesture throughout several mediums, ranging from music, video, TV or film. It should be noted that Jay-Z previously found himself embroiled in a legal battle over the diamond; wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, aka DDP, sued Jay-Z back in 2005, but the case was eventually settled out of court. Evidently, DDP never ended up trademarking the sign for himself. 

This isn't the first business move Jay has made in 2018. In fact, the 4:44 rapper has been busier than ever. Jay recently moved to trademark his "Paper Planes" clothing brand, in order to make it more accessible through placements in department stores and the like. Not only that, but Jigga has been rumored to be opening an Italian restaurant by the name of Hovino - would you dine there?