A new bill is being introduced in New York that could lead to widespread reform across the country. The "Rap Music On Trial" bill was created to prevent prosecutors from using lyrics from rap music against defendants in court. It's a common practice that has been used against a wide range of artists, including the late Drakeo The Ruler and Boosie Badazz. However, this practice has faced a significant amount of criticism from civil rights leaders who argue that it's a violation of free speech.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images 

Jay-Z and Meek Mill are among those who are helping gather support in the music industry for the bill. Rolling Stone reports that the bill doesn't necessarily ban the use of rap lyrics from being used in court. However, it does force prosecutors to provide "clear and convincing evidence” that the lyrics they attempt to bring in court are "literal, rather than figurative or fictional."

The bill recently passed Senate Codes committee but Jay-Z's support, along with others, put pressure on the governor and legislators to pass the bill. Other artists who signed the letter include Big Sean, Killer Mike, Fat Joe, Yo Gotti, Kelly Rowland, and Robin Thicke.

"By changing the law here, you do a lot of good for the cases that it affects, but you also send a message that progress is coming. We expect it will be followed in a lot of places," said Alex Spiro, Jay-Z's lawyer and co-writer of the letter alongside Erik Nielson.

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