Jay-Z and Roc Nation have been playing an integral role in the fight for racial equality, having launched several initiatives designed to reevaluate the criminal justice system. Now, Jay is once again doing his part to ensure that black Americans see justice, taking a major step in making sure that Ahmaud Arbery's attorney was able to attend today's preliminary hearing.

 Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Taking to Instagram, attorney Lee Merritt, representing Arbery, revealed that Jay had provided him with access to a private jet. "When you absolutely have to be in Court to stand with your client and righteous protestors for justice...Jay Z sends his private jet," he captions. "That’s part of the P.P.E plan to get us out of this Crisis (People Power Political Power Economic Power)."

Because of Jay's gesture, Merrit was able to attend the hearing, where several disturbing revelations came to light. For one, it was revealed that Arbery's shooter Travis McMichael uttered the phrase "fucking n***er" after pulling the trigger and firing the fatal shot. On his IG page, Merrit has been providing updates on the case, including news that the McMichael's defense team has been attempting to "malign the character" of Ahmaud Arbery. "It is a common tactic of white supremacy to criminalize illness and trauma in the black community," he writes, unwilling to stand down.

As the hearing unfolds, keep an eye out for Merrit's updates as they emerge. We at HNHH demand justice for Ahmaud Arbery and pray that the men who took his life end up behind bars where they belong.