Jay-Z has been in a legal battle against Iconix Brand Group who sued the rapper in May for trademark infringement. The rapper and his company Roc Nation were accused of using their logo on the merchandise of the Major League Baseball franchise. The rapper and his legal team demanded a halt to an arbitration with Iconix Brand Group, citing a lack of diversity at the American Arbitration Association. The move from Hov and his legal team has forced the AAA to make the commitment to increase the diversity among their list of arbitrators.

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jay-Z has been granted his lack of diversity claim in his trademark infringement lawsuit with Iconix Brand Group. On Sunday, Hov's lawyer Alex Spiro ended the temporary restraining order and began with arbitration following the AAA's decision to commit to increasing the diversity of their list.

"While the information AAA provided has confirmed that AAA lacks an appreciable number of minority (and particularly, African-American) arbitrators, AAA has indicated an openness both to an arbitrator selection process in this Arbitration that will allow for meaningful consideration of African-American arbitrators and to broader remedial measures intended to improve the diversity of the arbitrator roster for future arbitrations," Spiro wrote in a letter. 

Iconic previously attacked Jay-Z's diversity claim as being a "charade."