The shooting death of Trayvon Martin truly changed the United States forever. His needless death at the hands of George Zimmerman, and Zimmerman's subsequent "Not Guilty" verdict opened up the country's eyes to black people's continued modern day struggles with systemic racism. Trayvon, alongside Mike Brown and others, became the faces of the Black Lives Matter movement that sparked across the country.

Jay-Z has been an outspoken advocate on Trayvon Martin's behalf for some time now. He spoke at rallies in Miami in the years after his death, and he has been working on a documentary series about Trayvon's death for some time now. Today, the Roc Nation Twitter account posted a brand new trailer for the documentary, and provided an official premiere date for the doc: July 30th, on the Paramount Network.

The trailer features interviews with Trayvon's parents as well as those who were affected by the tragedy, and fought to try and change the systems that allowed, and continues to allow, these kinds of shootings to happen. Interspersed in the trailer is a massive amount of footage from marches, security camera footage from before the incident, and pictures of George Zimmerman.

This isn't the first documentary that Jay-Z has produced. One of his earlier works, Time: The Kalief Browder Story, was one of the few documentaries to receive a prestigious Peabody award for their coverage of a high school student who was imprisoned in Rikers Island for years without trial.

You can watch the full trailer for Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story below.