Jayda Cheaves has been going through a whirlwind of beef and drama this year, and it looks like she may be ready to leave it in the past. Cheaves is most notably dating Lil Baby, and all seemed well on that front until an explosive revelation turned into a trending scandal. Adult actress Ms. London admitted that she had sexual relations with Lil Baby, and even shared incriminating screenshots to top it all off. 

After the heat barely settled down, Lil Baby was once again called out for his infidelities. This time, adult actress Teanna Trump decided to jump in the ring of drama unprovoked.  "And that's why you got cheated on," commented Trump on a picture of Cheaves, sending the latter into a hysterical storm on social media. It appears that Lil Baby and Cheaves are still together, working through everything. 

It would also seem like Cheaves is over the internet drama... for now. She took to Twitter to let off a message of triumphant concession. "Tired of beefing with bums" admitted Cheaves in frustration. Her reaction is well warranted, and she does deserve a moment to step away from the clout-chasing machine that is social media. Hopefully, we can see this whole ugly episode get left in 2020.