Lil Baby's birthday celebration was something to remember. The 26-year-old Atlanta rapper received close to a million dollars in gifts from his friends, family, and loved ones, putting on a jewelry-themed private party with guests including James Harden and more. At the end of the night, Baby walked away with two rare new Richard Mille watches, with his girlfriend Jayda Cheaves spending $200,000 on an exclusive 1/12 piece. That much was seemingly not enough to keep Baby from venturing onto the interwebs and hitting up adult film star Ms. London for some fun.

If you've been keeping up with the current messiness, you know that Ms. London has alleged that she got down and dirty with Lil Baby between the sheets, accepting a $16,000 payment from the rapper. Baby has denied the allegations, but London leaked some DMs that seem to do all the confirming. 

Ms. London recently apologized to the couple, wishing them a lifetime of love as she promises to stop bringing them up, but she keeps falling back into her own trap, getting clout off the millionaire rapper and his girlfriend. 

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

Jayda Cheaves is seemingly sticking around with Lil Baby, but she's definitely not planning on spending another $200,000 on him soon, refusing to even take a dime out of her purse. It would appear as though she's on high alert after these most recent allegations, tweeting out that she won't even cop some fast food for her man.

"A n***a cant get a burger outta me," wrote Jayda on social media. "On god y’all done fucked up."

There's always the possibility that Jayda isn't referring to this situation but considering the fact that damn-near everything she's said in the last few days is applicable to this situation, fans aren't finding it hard to read between the lines.

Do you think they'll end up splitting over this?