Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves are no longer a couple, breaking up after countless cheating scandals had broken out on social media. The two celebrities had been plagued with constant chatter surrounding their relationship, especially by other women who felt compelled to throw Jayda's rapper boyfriend under the bus, exposing him as a two-timer. A couple of adult film stars alleged that they were intimate with Baby, and while that originally didn't throw the couple off their pivot, Jayda seemingly had had enough after a certain point.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Now, it appears as though she's trying to shed any of the constant reminders of Lil Baby in her life. This week, it was reported that the custom hot pink Jeep Wrangler Sahara that Baby bought her for her birthday was up for sale, complete with the custom "Wayda" details on the seats. Some people saw that the vehicle was being sold and instantly assumed that Jayda was trying to be petty by getting a bag off Baby's birthday gift, but it turns out that she's doing it for her own safety.

According to Jayda, something happened in the car and she no longer wants a bright pink whip to drive around, citing her own protection. "I was getting rid of my Jeep because I had an incident one night while driving it," she wrote on Instagram. "Nothing more nothing less. Safety comes first!"

It's unclear what happened in the car, but a bright pink whip would bring you a lot of attention. At the end of the day, everybody knew that Jayda was rolling in these wheels, so it's probably best that she switches up her ride.

As it stands, she does not appear to be interested in getting back with Lil Babykeeping her fans updated with daily updates online.

Would you buy Jayda's old whip?