21-year-old Louisiana native JayDaYoungan has been rising in the rap ranks for the last year and a bit, releasing his debut studio album Misunderstood late last year. The budding star has a troubling legal history but his time in the streets has forced him to smarten up when it comes to the shotty activity he raps about in his music. 

Uploading a video to Instagram this week, JayDaYoungan proved that he has street smarts, calling out a drug dealer for allegedly trying to sell him fake Percocet, beating him up on camera.

"You sold me fake Perc, bitch!" says the rapper, mounting the man and throwing punches left and right. Jay is surrounded by his homies but he is the only person getting physical, teaching the man a lesson and showing him to never try and sell him fake pills again.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

The video does not have a caption and fans are unable to leave comments. However, it's pretty clear that the 21-year-old is mad about fake Percs. 

When the video was initially uploaded, JayDaYoungan supposedly had the following caption: "RIP @macmiller & @juicewrld999."

Both Mac Miller and Juice WRLD died of drug overdoses, which could be confirming the reason why Jay was throwing punches.

Watch the clip below.