Prior to the George Floyd murder, Jaylen Brown was always an incredibly political person. Many athletes shy away from speaking on political issues but Brown has always been an exception to that rule. He is well versed on a number of topics and when news of Floyd's murder made shockwaves throughout the world, Brown made sure to speak up and let his voice be heard. In fact, Brown drove all the way from Boston to Atlanta so that he could take part in Black Lives Matter protests.

Now, Brown is showcasing just how ambitious he is as he took to Twitter to let his fans in on a project that he would love to see become a reality. Essentially, Brown would want to create a political media outlet that is completely unbiased. Simply put, this outlet would report on the facts with little to no opinion interjected.

Bias is one of the trickiest things in journalism because it is almost impossible to achieve. The stories you choose to cover, the words you choose to use, and even the facts you choose to include or omit, are all apart of your biases. Regardless, there is a big difference between intentional bias and unintentional bias, which we're sure Brown is well-aware of. 

A basketball player creating a political media outlet would be unprecedented but if anyone could do it, it would certainly be Brown.