Donovan Mitchell and Jayson Tatum have to be fuming after it was announced that neither of them was selected for the All-NBA team. Both players were set to earn an additional $33 million payday on top of their salaries for making the team, which they were expected to do. However, because only fifteen players have a chance at earning the prestigious award, they narrowly missed the cut and, as a result, lost out on a major pay bonus.

According to a report from CBS Sports, Tatum and Mitchell had to say goodbye to millions of dollars after their names were not called during the awards ceremony. All of the players that earned the honors, including Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Nikola Jokic, LeBron James, Chris Paul, Rudy Gobert, and more, all got pretty hefty bonuses in their checking accounts this week. Every man on the list had an incredible season, so it must have been a very close call to snub Mitchell and Tatum, but a $33 million penalty for this is kind of insane. 

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Both Tatum and Mitchell are on rookie extension contracts, which included a $33 million bonus if they were selected to an All-NBA team. Of course, this isn't too big of an issue considering both players are multi-millionaires already, but the money definitely would have been a nice reward for an incredible season.

Do you think the voting system is flawed for the All-NBA teams?

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