There have been times where the Boston Celtics have struggled mightily this season although there are some games where they simply astonish their fans. Last night was one of those games as the Celtics were losing to the San Antonio Spurs by 32 points in the first half. Somehow, the Celtics were able to make a massive comeback and won the game in overtime by a score of 143-140. 

Much of this had to do with the heroics of Jayson Tatum, who went out and scored a whopping 60 points which is a career-high. Immediately following the game, Tatum spoke about his massive performance and how it was special to share the moment with his teammates.

Jayson Tatum

Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

"It was a special night," Tatum said per ESPN. "Just being around guys, playing with guys you enjoy being around, and are happy for your success ... we all see the hard work each and every one of us put in every day, so that when someone, myself or whoever it is, has a night like that, just to share that moment with them is special. Just to have your teammates be happy for you means everything."

With the win, the Celtics are now 34-40 and are sixth place in the Eastern Conference standings. A playoff spot is pretty well guaranteed at this point barring any sort of epic collapse, although if they want to go far, they will need Tatum to keep up this pace.