This year's Juneteenth was particularly special after it was officially declared a federal holiday in the United States, causing people from coast to coast to celebrate Black History. Several of our favorite celebrities went all out for the holiday: Lizzo shopped at Black businesses in Los Angeles and purchased food and books for strangers, Diddy hosted "Club Love," and Jazmine Sullivan spent time with her loved ones but unfortunately, the singer reportedly endured a racist interaction at a department store. 

Sullivan isn't a celebrity who often shares details of her personal life on social media, but over the weekend, she offered a lengthy post to her Instagram Story, speaking about what happened at Macy's. "Wow to look racism in the eye, and especially on Juneteenth was a wake up call that no matter the day, a racist gone racist," she wrote.

Jazmine Sullivan, Macy's Racism
Slaven Vlasic / Stringer / Getty Images

"Mary King at willowgrove @Macy's look of disgust while ringing up my boyfriends mother will forever be etched in my mind," Sullivan continued. "An honest mistake (the stores mistake btw) should've been met w understanding and kindness. But if ur prejudice and prejudge people as soon as they walk up to the register then that's obviously too much to ask."

She then gave "Mary" a "news flash," letting the Macy's employee know that "black people get money, good jobs and ain't tryna get over on ur boy cut frumpy looking racist ass." Adding, "U need to be grateful we know Jesus b*tch." Read Sullivan's story in its entirety below.