Jazz Cartier Reveals He's Got Songs With Mike WiLL Made It In The Stash

Rose Lilah
March 30, 2016 10:18

Jazz Cartier spoke with us about his new album, "Hotel Paranoia," and what else he has coming up this year, while at SXSW.

Jazz Cartier released one of the dopest projects I've heard in a minute, front to back, with Hotel Paranoia. He continued along the same path he set for himself with his debut, Marauding In Paradise, while fine-tuning his sound (although he admits to us he still doesn't think he found 'his' sound), and it resulted in a very healthy buzz.

Taking some time to chop it up outside of the French Legation museum in Austin, Texas, a slightly-turnt Jacuzzi LaFleur opened up about working with Lantz alone on Hotel Paranoia (another very mysterious producer, in the vein of Play Picasso), new experiences, and his plans for the foreseeable future, including collabs with Mike WiLL Made It.

He starts off by explaining the idea behind Hotel Paranoia, which stems from the incessant amount of touring he was doing at the time. "The concept is like an extension of Marauding In Paradise. Paradise, people think it's like a luxurious place, but with paradise comes paranoia, in my head."

"I don't think I've found my sound for sure, I'm at a point where...I'm still young, I'm still growing. But with Hotel Paranoia, I wasn't playing around, n*ggas know. Shit is fucking real. Those records ring off when shit is played live," Jazz says, going on to explain the work process with his producer Lantz.

As for the Toronto native's plans for the rest of the year, he reveals, "I got so much shit in the stash. I got a record with Mike WiLL [Made It] coming out. I think I got two with him coming out in like April. That's an exclusive."

Jacuzzi continues, "The next project, I've started it in my head. But this n*gga Lantz is the worst person to work with, I gotta work around his fucking schedule. But yeah, I got the ideas in my head, I got a title in my head. But for the remainder of the year, I'ma be doing singles, I'ma be doing a lot of singles, a lot of shits going to be dropping. I got the video for "Red Alert" coming out."

He's just happy to be alive. Watch the full interview above.

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