Jazz Cartier Speaks On "Lil Wayne" Record & Response To It With Peter Rosenberg

Rose Lilah
August 16, 2016 09:17

Check out Jazz Cartier's new interview with Peter Rosenberg.

Jazz Cartier is most likely going to be the next big rapper out of Toronto, already dubbing himself the Prince of the city, for good reason too. The rapper made a quick pit stop in New York recently, where he paid a visit to HOT 97's Real Late with Peter Rosenberg.

Rosenberg kicks things off by asking about where Jazz Cartier grew up. Jazz reveals his parents were in the military and he moved around a lot, but obviously Toronto is where he spent the longest and considers home. They also touch on Donald Trump/Hilary Clinton briefly, before getting into Jazz's experiences and his fanbase in Europe (fanbase = good, food = not so much, according to Jazz).

Recently Jazz dropped off a loose cut titled "Lil Wayne" which payed homage to the NOLA rapper, and Weezy caught wind of it, taking to twitter to praise Jazz and his producer Lantz. Jazz speaks on the importance of Lil Wayne to him, the song, and Wayne's response to it, revealing he almost recorded a more sombre version of a Lil Wayne tribute before switching things up at the last minute for something a bit more fun.

The interview spans 20 minutes, check it out in full above.

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