There has been a new debate going around the NBA as of late that centers around the career and legacy of Kobe Bryant. Recently, Kyrie Irving made the claim that the NBA should change its logo to Kobe's silhouette. For years, the logo has been centered around Jerry West although the legendary basketball player has never much cared for his inclusion on the insignia.

Kyrie's claims have led to a massive debate on Twitter with many fans wondering what kind of precedent this would set, especially if a player like Michael Jordan or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were to die. Others are welcoming this potential change and even Vanessa Bryant has thrown her support behind it. Now, Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss is also speaking out on the matter and as she said in the tweet below, she would love to see Kobe as the logo.

"I agree with Vanessa Bryant. Kobe set a standard and players agree too," Buss said.

While the idea is picking up steam, it would still take a lot of deliberation before the NBA makes a real play. With Kyrie Irving behind the idea, there is a chance that the plan could snowball and if that happens, the NBA would have no choice but to capitulate.

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Kobe Bryant

Harry How/Getty Images