The Real talk show host and brief season 29 Dancing with the Stars competitor, Jeannie Mai, was hospitalized earlier this week after being diagnosed with epiglottitis. According to Healthline, the epiglottis sits at the base of one’s tongue and “works as a valve to prevent food and liquids from entering your windpipe when you eat and drink.” Epiglottitis occurs when “the tissue that makes up the epiglottis can become infected, swell, and block your airway,” causing the infected to require immediate medical attention. 

On Thursday, Mai uploaded a photo to her Instagram Story updating fans on her condition. In the photo, Mai is wearing a t-shirt and glasses, offering a thumbs-up to viewers. Across the top of the mirror selfie are the words, “4 DAYS POST SURGERY,” and at the bottom, Mai wrote, “No speaking, no chewing, no bad tshirts.” 

It appears Mai is well on her way to recovery, which is excellent news seeing as a few days prior, the 41-year-old uploaded a video to her Instagram which depicted her doctor telling her that if she had waited one more day to undergo surgery, her throat would have closed up entirely. In the video, Mai delved into the details of her condition for her concerned fans and paid tribute to her time on DWTS

Take a look at her updates below, and check out her immediate post-surgery update here

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for the beautiful message to me and the unforgettable experience of a lifetime 🖤 #DWTS #TeamDreamofJeannie

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Weeks prior to her hospitalization, Mai made headlines when she said she wants to “submit” to her fiance, Jeezy, upon their marriage, during one The Real's segments.