If you were to ask Jeannie Mai if she wanted kids while she was still married to her ex-husband of 14-years Freddy Harteis, the answer would have been a hard no. The Real co-host has spoken about her aversion to motherhood for years, but it looks like linking up with rapper Jeezy has changed her mind. After coming across a photo of Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union's daughter Kaavia, the talk show host stated, "Dear God, what are you doing to my uterus dude."

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Jeannie has previously shared that one of the main reasons she and her ex-husband split up was because he had a desire to be a father. Not long after their divorce, Freddy and his girlfriend became parents. However, when Jeannie turned 40, she said her perspective shifted and she began to see motherhood differently.

"After you turn 40, I’m telling you guys, it’s a magic age," she previously said. "If you really spend the time, like get excited about your 40s, spend all the time giving yourself love, when you get to that place all of a sudden, because your heart is full and you’re healthy, all of a sudden you’re open to love in so many different areas. So who knows? You might have a little Jeannie!” We may see little Jeezies running around before we know it. Watch Jeannie's clip talking about not wanting children years ago below.