Ever since Jeannie May and Jeezy debuted their relationship it's seemingly been nothing but butterflies and sweet moments togetherThe Real host has previously explained how important she believes it is to learn her partner's culture and her latest explanation on her relationship with the "Put On" rapper hears her detailing how her standards have changed since her divorce from her ex-husband, Freddy Harteis.

The clip below shows the latest taping of the talk show and how Jeannie's ex congratulating her on her accomplishments was the standard she excepted from her partner. "When [Freddie] said things like 'good for you' or 'that's cool,' I'm like, that's great, he supports me! That to me, is my standard of support," she said. 

She then explained how Jeezy left his own birthday party to drive her to the airport - something Jeannie had never experienced in her past relationships since it was mostly filled with solo Uber rides. "Just be mindful of your standards. And sometimes for me, being alone and that time that I took for myself was my upgrade," she added. Jeannie and her ex were together from 2007-2019.

Watch the clip in full below.