Tomorrow, Jeezy will be releasing his long awaited eighth studio album Pressure, which is set to feature guest appearances from J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Kodak Black, and Canada's own Tory Lanez. During his appearance on Everyday Struggle, Jeezy teased that his collaboration with Tory and Rick Ross was a highlight of the listening party, and praised Tory's hustle. Last night, Tory and Jeezy brought the song to life for a nationwide audience, performing a Rick Ross-less rendition of "Like Them" during The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. 

Backed by a smooth live band, Jeezy opens up the track with a dedication to the "real ones" before diving into the lush, lavish instrumental. Tory's vocals are solid, though the mixing is somewhat questionable; he sounds on the thin side, like his chorus was meant to resemble a sample. Perhaps that was a deliberate effect, but it still made me do a double take. Regardless, the track sounds excellent, and Jeezy's charisma and gravitas imbue this one with some serious weight. One can only imagine that Rick Ross will take it to the next level, especially if he can contribute a "Devil In A New Dress" style verse.

If you're feeling this, be sure to check back tomorrow for Jeezy's Pressure. Expectations are high, especially after hearing a sample of that Kendrick and J Cole collaboration; there's no doubt that trifecta will make for a year end standout. Sound off below - are you here for a new Jeezy album?