It's the beginning of the week, and while many dread having to put another weekend behind them and get back to the grind, Jeezy is dropping knowledge on "Thug Motivation Monday." The rapper has been in the hip hop game for over 20 years so he knows a thing or two about the business of the industry. We exist in a "Soundcloud" rap era where artists are creating their own lanes and finding fame sans record deals, but Jeezy dropped a few nuggets of wisdom about how he had to brand himself and, believe it or not, it started with self-improvement.

When asked about the moment about when he had his "ah-ha" moment and wanted to take his career to the next level, Jeezy said, "That was always my goal anyway though. They didn't want to do no business with no n***a, especially with no n***a from the streets for real, for real. So I had to just work on myself and get myself to a point where I could sit down and talk to anybody," Jeezy said. "Or I could be around people that's gonna take me around anybody. They're gonna speak highly of me so people can be comfortable to talk to me."

"You piece it together and watch the culture and how people move and what they get excited about," Jeezy continued, talking about things both fans and rappers pay attention to. "I sat there and watched this s**t the other day. This is crazy. These n****s is lost."

Jeezy wasn't finished there, though. He captioned the clip with a few more words to live by, writing, "Sometimes it’s better to Blaze your own trail, rather than follow someone’s else’s path. Know your worth, make your goals. Be Relentless. 'Clout chasing gets you clout, knowing who you are and what you want makes you a Legend' #TM104 #ThugMotivationMonday."