Christmas is known to be the happiest time of year, and for these two lovebirds, it looks like it rings true. After spending what looked to be a lovely Thanksgiving with his family, power couple Jeezy and Jeannie Mai took the festivities to her side of the family, and partook in their holiday traditions as well. In a video that Jeannie posted on her Instagram on Saturday night, her boo can be seen heavily invested in the comical gift-exchange game, White Elephant, with Jeannie's mom, Olivia.

In the video, Olivia is attempting to obtain the gift Jeezy has in his possession at the moment, which appears to be a soft pink blanket. To earn the gift fair and square, Jeezy declares that she must do 20 push-ups, followed by 4 tequila shots. Thanks to the dedicated encouragement of her surrounding family members, Olivia completes the tasks (sort of), and manages to secure the blanket. Jeannie captioned the post, "Mai Fam Litmas. Next year we're changing the rules to steal: Do the worm instead of '"push-ups.'" The game is intense, and at one point, Jeezy can even be heard saying, "I feel like it's war." It's all in good fun, though, and it looks like Jeezy is right at home with Jeannie's family. The two confirmed their relationship just this past August, but are already so happy together, it seems. It was even recently rumoured that the couple was expecting a child, after cameramen from Jeannie's show The Real revealed that they'd been told to shoot Jeannie from different angles to make her appear smaller, and to expect her to gain weight. The possibility of pregnancy was made that much more convincing due to the fact that Jeannie had recently retracted her previous statements about not wanting kids, sharing that she was open to the idea of becoming a mother. If they do have a baby in the near future, it looks like that child would be born into a pretty great family.