About a week and a half ago, it was reported that Jeannie Mai of "The Real" was battling a bad case of epiglottitis. This is a condition that can completely block your airway, which means it is life-threatening if not treated correctly. As a result, Mai was immediately booked for surgery and by all accounts, it was a successful process. Following the surgery, Mai gave her fans an update on how she's doing, noting that just a few days ago, she couldn't even chew or talk. Mai was also told she can no longer be a part of Dancing With The Stars, which is something that has caused her a ton of disappointment.

Today, Mai fiance, rapper Jeezy, took to "The Real" where he got to sit down with her co-hosts and give an update on her condition. As Jeezy explained, Mai is doing just fine and that she has been hard at work despite doctor's orders that she should be resting. Jeezy also offered a detailed account of how Mai needed to be rushed to hospital.

“She began to get sick. She had some problems with her throat and we took her to the doctor and they gave her a shot of steroids and everything was good,” Jeezy shared. “It happened again, and I just started to notice she was having problems breathing. She woke up one morning and got up before me and I got up and went behind her, and I saw her, and she couldn’t breathe. I grabbed her immediately, took her to the emergency room … they found something, but they didn’t know.”

So we actually went to another doctor … The doctor immediately looked at her and told her, ‘You’re done with “Dancing with the Stars”; you’re done. This is life-threatening and if you don’t get it fixed right now, you could possibly lose your life.'”

While Mai won't be able to participate in Dancing With The Stars anymore, we're sure she is glad to have clean bill of health. Any kind of hospitalization can be scary but it's clear she had plenty of support behind her throughout the process. We hope her recovery continues to go smoothly during this difficult time.