Sure, it's not totally uncommon to see your favorite rapper pick up the dumbbells and join the "swoldier" battalion, but how many of them can say that they're doing it for a good cause? Now there's at least one, as Jeezy has announced his intention to run in the AJC Peachtree Road Race, an Atlanta charity run that aims to raise money for the city's youth. 

This isn't a casual commitment either, Jeezy isn't just signing up for a run without doing any prep first. According to XXL, Jeezy will be undergoing a strict diet and exercise regiment for the next month in order to prepare for the race. 

Jeezy will be joined by Atlanta's mayor Keisha Bottoms in the race, but that's not enough for Jeezy. Jeezy has been on social media promoting the cause, and asking his celebrity friends and fans to donate a few bucks to his fundraising page, or better yet, run the race themselves. 

The money raised by the race this year will go towards three different charities aimed at helping kids make smart choices. The Atlanta Track Club's Kilometer Kids, the city of Atlanta's Mayor's Youth Scholarship, and Jeezy's own Street Dreamz Foundation will all be beneficiaries of the funds. This means that Jeezy does at least have some kind of vested interest in the success of the race, rather than him just doing the event out of nowhere.

"I’m excited to be teaming up with Mayor Bottoms to run the iconic Peachtree Road race this year," Jeezy stated in a press release. "Health is wealth and it’s a lifestyle. Let's get it!"