Jeezy's baby mama is fed up with his excuses for failing to buy her a court-ordered 2020 Jeep Wrangler, so she decided to file a motion of contempt against the rapper. Mahlet "Mahi" Gebremedhin, the mother of Jeezy's daughter, Amra, recently took legal action against her ex-fiancé after he did not fulfill a portion of his part of their child support agreement. The paternity case was initially filed back in April 2019, and states that Jeezy must pay $7,500 a month in child support as well as an additional $30,000 per year for school tuition. He must also provide health insurance for their child and put up $30,000 towards a new car for Mahi. However, according to court documents, Jeezy failed to do the latter, leading Mahi to file a motion of contempt against him.

jeezy baby mama car motion contempt court Mahlet “Mahi” Gebremedhin child supportLeon Bennett/Getty Images for The Players' Tribune

In the documents, Mahi states that once she had settled on purchasing a 2020 Jeep Wrangler, she sent over the payment information to Jeezy's legal team. However, she says that his lawyers argued that Jeezy's finances had been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and that he was unable to fork over the entire $30K all at once. They also allegedly stalled the transaction further by requesting additional documentation from Mahi so as not to send her the money "blindly." Jeezy's lawyers offered to set up a variety of different “payment options, but Mahi seemingly wasn't interested. According to The BlastJeezy and Mahi have since managed to work out a deal.