Jeezy and Jeannie Mai are one of the world's favorite couples right now. After starting off with some controversy when old videos resurfaced showing the talk-show host speaking about her love of "dark meat on the side," she and Jeezy have ignored the backtalk and just went on with their merry lives. The happy couple posted a video of themselves jamming out in the car this weekend, listening to some classic tunes with the top down and singing to their heart's desires. Jeannie Mai felt a need to respond to a few fan questions in the comments section and, on one of them, she even confirmed some raunchy details about their sex life.

Considering they've been together for a few months now, it's safe to assume that the couple has sexual chemistry but one fan was genuinely curious, asking in their own way if she had explored what's down there on the rapper's body. Responding to their comments about "going down" on Jeezy's manhood, Jeannie Mai confirmed that, yes, she has been down there and she's into it. Good to know, I guess.

We're not entirely sure why Mai would comment back on this but she clearly doesn't give an eff about what people are talking about. Are Jeezy and Jeannie one of your favorite celebrity couples right now?