2021 is already off to a strange start and we're barely a week into the year. However, it didn't seem all that shocking when reports emerged last night that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were officially moving forward with getting a divorce. That bit of information sent Twitter into a frenzy since they were once romanticized as Hollywood's it couple.

The root of the divorce seemed to be quite evident. Kanye West's struggles with mental health, public outbursts, and possibly his support for Trump has rubbed members of the Kardashian clan in the wrong way. And 'Ye's claim that he'd be fine with divorce along with allegations that Kim cheated on him with Meek Mill only seemed to cause a further strain on their relationship.

Their divorce made sense for these reasons alone but at the wee hours of the morning, make-up artist Jeffree Star got tied into the headlines following a TikTok video from a woman named Ava Louise, who once went viral from licking a toilet bowl, claimed that Star and Yeezy had some sort of romantic relationship.


i can’t say WHO cuz he’ll sue me hint hint but it’s part of the reason Kanye’s so religious now it’s his self hatred .... my source is legit I promiss

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And while there's no actual evidence to back up any theory of an affair, Jeffree Star is running with it. Taking to Twitter, he shared a photo donning a 6ix9ine-esque hairstyle, inviting himself to Sunday Service. "I’m ready for Sunday Service," he wrote. People seem to have looked at this as confirmation that the two, indeed, had a fling. However, the possibility that this is a case of clout-chasing shouldn't be ruled out.