Many hoped that Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga would be a long-lasting match made in heaven, but in the words of The Roots, "Sometimes relationships get ill." The singing sensation and lawyer-turned-reality-star-turned-professional-wrestler met in 2007 and by 2008 the pair were engaged. Hudson gave birth to their son, David Otunga, Jr. in 2009, but after being engaged for almost nine years, the couple called it quits.

Since ending their relationship, Hudson and Otunga have been entangled in the custody courts as they attempt to work through their differences, but it hasn't worked out too well. Last month, Otunga filed documents with the court that stated when he and Hudson were in a relationship, he was the primary caregiver. Hudson refuted that claim, stating Otunga spent much of the time touring with the WWE, not at home tending to their son.

Mark Davis/Getty Images

Otunga is reportedly seeking spousal support and an order for Hudson to pay for his housing, and she wants no part of it. She “denies that the child support should extend to housing subsidies for David when the parties were never married" and "having a child with a celebrity should not be the basis to treat David like someone who has given birth to a child and who has no means of supporting the child. Jennifer is the one who gave birth to the minor child, who had the minor child with her as she traveled prior to the difficulties the parties experienced in their relationship.”

Now it seems that the mediation and settlement agreements haven't worked, so the two are preparing to go to trial. According to The BlastOtunga recently filed a motion for sanctions against Hudson, but those documents are sealed so no one knows what he's accusing her of. After the broke things off in 2017, Hudson filed for a restraining order against Otunga. She accused him of pushing her as she held their son and claimed he was abusive. Otunga denied the allegations and Hudson had the order of protection lifted.