Birthday celebrations are often thought of as debaucherous, alcohol-fueled festivities honoring yet another year around the sun, but Jennifer Hudson took the time to get reflective on social media. On Thursday, the superstar singer turned 38-years-old, and she's partying in style. In a series of Instagram uploads, Hudson is all glammed up as she poses for pictures, some of which are taken on a yacht with her family by her side. 

One photo that she shared on Friday is mysteriously missing after fans were confused with the singer's message. The picture showed Hudson's wrist covered in beautiful diamond bracelets, and in the caption, the Cats star explained that she's named the jewelry by calling them "slavery scars." She wrote, "In the world I live in to some it’s a lot and to some it’s not much at all but for me these are what I call my slavery scars."

"Each one of these is a representation of how hard I’ve worked," Hudson added, saying that each bracelet commemorates a completed project. "Every time I wrapped on another thing I went and rewarded myself. There’s so much more work to do. So there will be so much more and this is a good start cuz honoring myself is what my 38 is all about. The line that has always stuck with me from Dreamgirls. 'Wake up baby, a star is a slave.'"

She ended the message by wishing herself a happy birthday, but there was a bit of resistance to her message. In the end, Hudson deleted the post from Instagram, but there were a few responses on Twitter that showed people's reactions.