A simple statement made headlines after Extra TV correspondent Jennifer Lahmers visited The Real. During a segment, the women were discussing filming their 1000th episode, and Lahmers asked "newbie" Amanda Seales about her experience since this is her first season with the talk show. After giving an answer, Lahmers stated, "You and Jeannie [Mai] have butted heads on a couple of topics...," before she was interrupted with Amanda disagreeing and telling her "Stop."

The moment went viral and some people took the opportunity to harass Lahmers about how she addressed the situation. The correspondent gave her first and final thoughts on the matter on her Instagram Story where she made it clear that she won't be issuing any apologies about her question because she wa sjust doing her job.

"Humble yourself," Jenn wrote on her Instagram Story. In the next slide, she penned, "I wouldn't change a thing about the way I conducted that interview— addressing a topic that had made numerous headlines across multiple outlets. This is my job as a correspondent. I did not keep pressing once I got an answer and that is all I will say on the matter." Check out Jennifer Lahmers's response, along with the video clip from the Real, below.