Yesterday, Jose Conseco took to social media with a vengeful purpose: split up the union of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, and destroy it once and for all. Apparently spurred on by a World Of Dance-induced fit of rage, Conseco took to Twitter to:

a) accuse Rodriguez of cheating on Lopez (with Conseco's own ex at that)
b) call A-Rod's entire character into question
c) give out his own phone number
d) challenge A-Rod to either an MMA match or a boxing match
e) willingly offer to take a lie detector test, lest he go unbelieved

Hiroki Watanabe/Getty Images

All things considered, a lively evening for the former MLB star. It should be noted that Conseco may be nursing a grudge toward Rodriguez, whom he once accused of juicing in his controversial book Vindicated. In any case, Conseco's pot-stirring did little to affect the couple, who continue to enjoy their beachfront vacation. Footage reveals both Lopez (wedding ring intact) and A-Rod looking relatively relaxed during a beach vacation, despite the flock paparazzi lurking behind a clump of dried seaweed. As for Conseco, well, one has to wonder his motivation in hurling such an accusation. Perhaps he really wants that MMA match-up?