As of Friday, sources close to the couple reported that iconic celebrity duo Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez had decided to call it quits. They had reportedly called off their 2-year engagement and 4-year relationship entirely, leaving an army of lawyers, business managers, and aides to help fairly divide the couple’s assets. Alex Rodriguez is a known entrepreneur, and he and Jennifer Lopez often did business together throughout their relationship. 

According to statements from both Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, the reports about them having broken up were extremely exaggerated, and they are still fighting to stay together. According to what the couple told TMZ, “All the reports are inaccurate,” and they “are working through some things.” The couple also told TMZ that the things they’re working through have nothing to do with a third party. 

The couple aren’t actually together at the moment, which could be some of the cause for confusion. Alex is in Miami and Jennifer is shooting a movie in the Dominican Republic, so they likely won’t be back together in person for a bit. It seems to be a relief for many that the couple are not splitting up, as it would be somewhat of a nightmare to divide their business and real estate assets, as well as their blended family of 4 combined kids. 

Hopefully, we’ll have more updates on the status of J-Rod’s relationship soon.