TikTok has birthed some wild challenges. Its "Skull Breaker Challenge" is downright idiotic, which entails two people tricking a third into jumping in the air so they can kick the victim's legs out from under them. This craze led to a 13-year-old being seriously injured and his two classmates being arrested and charged. There are more harmless challenges though, such as the "Flip The Switch Challenge". 

Flipping switch just involves two people swapping places with the flick of a light switch. This challenge's concept is derived from Drake's 2018 hit, "Nonstop", whose following lyric soundtracks that the TikTok clips: "Look, I just flipped the switch (flipped, flipped) / I don't know nobody else that's doing this." The irony is that people are participating in this challenge because literally thousands of other people are doing this (even Elizabeth Warren gave it a shot on SNL this past weekend). 

Power couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez decided to join in on the fun by making a production of their own. The former MLB player starts off as the videographer, coolly wearing a blazer, button-down and shades. His fiancee gyrates beside him in a white dress. Once the switch is flipped - they forgot to perform the literal action, but Drake still signaled it - Rodriguez loses his steely composure. He mimics J-Lo's motions as he rocks her dress and even her hoop earrings. “Late night Tiktoks, [100 emoji] @jlo,” Alex captioned the video. He also urged for people to follow him @AROD13, so it seems there will be more content on the way from the lovers.