A couple that works out together, stays together...or something like that. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have continued their coupled-up workout sessions into the new year and have jumped right back onto their workout routine since being spotted at Gold's Gym in Venice on New Year's Day. 

JLo and Alex spent the holidays together combining their families and there was no shortage of videos and photos from their special times together. 

“It’s been something beyond my wildest dreams to have a partner who is so supportive and loving and really, really loves what I do and doesn’t try to squash me in anyway but tries to always raise me up,” JLo previously stated of Alex. “There’s just something about having that type of love and support that makes you soar and that’s what I think we try to be for each other and I just feel so lucky.”

Jennnifer has also discussed how she and Alex have come together at a right time in both of their lives. “And I think maybe if we would have met in our twenties, maybe not so much…. we were both… we’re too crazy," she added.