Ah, our very own Jenny from the Block, that use to have a little and now has a lot–a lot of everything, but the desire to keep the general public out of her marital affairs. If J.Lo is not jumping the broom on screen in The Wedding Planner or Maid In Manhattan, she's quite literally living out her hopeless romantic dreams and practically forcing us to care.

J.Lo has had more public relationships and break-ups than any singing actress to date. There was her infamous relationship with hip-hop mogul DiddyBatman Ben Affleck, the singer-songwriter she shares two children with Marc Anthony, and more. Sadly, we've known about them all. 

Now, Jenny shares her recent sentiments about the idea of marriage as an older, more mature woman who is dating an established man. J.Lo and former MLB player Rodriguez were scheduled to be married in Italy last June, but with the rising of Covid-19, especially in Europe, their wedding plans came to a screeching halt. 

"At our age, you know, we've both been married before. You know, it's like do we get married–do we not–what does it mean for us. And it comes down to personal like, what do we want to do–there is definitely no rush though," admits Jennifer. 

J.Lo shares that the couple decided to cancel their plans altogether but are not necessarily opposed to marrying one another in the future. "Things will happen in their divine time," she says. Well, whatever the two decide, we wish Lopez and her finacé luck and hope they'll stop updating us.