As we know, Jennifer Lopez is filming her upcoming stripper film dubbed Hustlers that follows a gang of dancers who band together to get back at their Wall Street clients. Cardi B landed her very first acting role in the film that hits theaters September 13th of this year.

Jennifer's fiance, Alex Rodriguez, was a recent guest on The Breakfast Club where he told the hosts how he accompanied his wife-to-be in some research ahead of the film. "I was out in L.A. She's in New York. She says, 'Baby, I'm going to the strip club.' I said, 'WHOA!! I'll be there on Thursday. We can go Thursday and Friday,'" Alex told the crew, as seen below.

 Robert Kamau/GC Images

Apparently, Jennifer was doing a lot of reading on strippers to gain valuable information for playing her part. After some time, Alex finally told her to ask him, since he's well versed on the topic. "She read and read and read [about strippers] ... I said, 'Baby, stop reading and just ask me. I got the info!'"

The duo finally made their way to the club themselves and paid thousands to sit down and talk with strippers to gain some real information. "We sat down with the girls, and we literally just interrogate them, ask them questions. Then, we would hit 'em up with $400 or $500 or $600. We weren't there for dancing, we were literally there for work," Alex said.