If there's one person in the world that can pull off this look, it's Jennifer Lopez. She's been pulling off some crazy outfits this year, exposing most of her body for a half-naked shoot a couple of weeks ago. JLo has always had a banging bod and as she's nearing 50-years-old, most would expect her to be giving herself a break with all the workouts. Lopez is not interested in growing up because she still looks like she's in her late-20's, showing off her toned abs and natural assets on most occasions. During a recent music video shoot, she matched her thong underwear to her pants (as one does) and everybody was focused on how she flaunted her undergarments, wearing low-waisted trousers to complete the look.

All eyes were on JLo as she walked across the set. Even DJ Khaled seemed to do a double take when he saw the entertainer flaunting the risky outfit. Khaled is probably used to people breaking their necks over his sneakers but it looks like he's the one that will be needing a neck brace after this. 

The shoot took place in Miami and while all attention was on Lopez's choice of clothing, this certainly was not a malfunction. In fact, we're safely assuming that she planned for her thong to be in the spotlight. See for yourself.