Jennifer Lopez posted an Instagram selfie done up to the nines. The caption accompanying the vanity shop read: "Tell Cardi B and DJ Khaled I’m on my way... gonna get this #DINERO." The wording is pretty self explanatory, the three juggernauts are hoping to lay down a track, and capitalize on a shared sensibility. Both J Lo and Cardi are examples of latinx performers coming up via the Bronx. There's no telling how significant J Lo ascendancy as an entertainer figures in the early childhood dreams of many young women from similar backgrounds.

In January, it was reported that Khaled, Lopez and Cardi had a single named "Quiero Dinero" in the works. The title of the song translates to "I Want Money" and there's no shortage of vanity items to report on, between the three performers collective estates. J Lo was spotted in Khaled's studio in December sharing her vision for the collaboration.

J Lo then broke her secrecy by including a segment of "Bodak Yellow" in concert, and the love affair was then fully consummated. Khaled's black book serves as a great unifier of talent. Sometimes the final product enmeshes perfectly, other times it sounds completely out of sequence. No matter the case, Cardi B will see her childhood vision realized before her eyes.