Jennifer Lopez is at that point in her career where her presence alone is worth a pretty penny. The singer wrapped up her Las Vegas residency in late September and now, she's racking in loads of dough for appearances at private Qatar-related events.

A twenty minute set from Jennifer Lopez could cost millions. According to TMZ, J. Lo performed a 20 min. set in Qatar last week and did a Q&A session at the opening of an upscale mall. The singer earned a cool $2M, in addition to another million for expenses such as private jet flights. Lopez reportedly used her invitation to speak to the crowd about women's rights, a major issue in the country. Lopez is one of the few female entertainers that have been invited to perform in the country.

Aside from her appearance in Qatar, she's also scheduled to perform at a Qatar Airways party in Los Angeles next week. J. Lo will perform some of her hits in a 20 min. set that she'll reportedly be getting paid $1.2M for. The company already sent out its event with Lopez listed as the performer for the event, but this might not have worked out in their favor. According to sources, $1.2M was Qatar Airways offer, although the contract is still under negotiation. The fact they sent invites out already before confirming J. Lo's payment means they lost leverage in their negotiation.