Jennifer Lopez showed up to the taping of a late night talk show last night wearing what most celebrities would wear to the Met Gala. J-Lo was on her way to a taping of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, where it is by no means unacceptable to just show up in a t shirt, when she was photographed in a flowing, vintage-looking Stephane Rolland jumpsuit (attached at the neck by an opulent Chanel brooch), with its matching silk jacket and could be mistaken for a dead animal around her neck, but is actually just a scarf. 

The purpose of Lopez's outing is to promote her new film called Second Act (not Sister Act), about a woman who falls into a big-time job because of fake credentials but ends up doing a great job once she's there, forgetting her friends and leaving the block behind in her rise. She is likely only briefly fooled by the rocks that she got, this is the kind of movie that has a happy ending.