Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been all over the news as fans are speculating that the two are engaged to be married. J-Lo was rocking some serious ice on her ring finger in an Instagram video a few days ago, prompting many to believe that A-Rod had popped the question. Neither of the two has confirmed or denied the rumors but they were posted up at the World Series to watch the Los Angeles Dodgers take on the Boston Red Sox. Extra caught up with Alex Rodriguez to ask about his lady friend, bringing up a video that was making the rounds, showing J-Lo flaunting her baseball knowledge.

Lopez congratulated her boyfriend on another successful postseason as part of the Fox Sports panel but everyone was talking about how the pop star learned her hand signals. He mimicked the signs, revealing that he goes over the motions with Jennifer and the kids, saying, "I love bunting and hitting and running; the modern-day fan kind of forgot about that because it's not a part of it anymore, so I said, 'Jennifer, what’s the sign? What's bunt?' and then she went, 'That’s hit and run,' so we have fun. I teach her and our kids the signs at dinnertime — I say, 'Bunt, cheese, get the bread,' and then that’s the cookies."

J-Lo isn't spending any time trying to teach A-Rod dance moves though. He says that's pretty much a lost cause. "There is no sign that can ever help me or amount of drinks that can help me be a good dancer," he said.